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Graphic design is an intricate art. In essence, it is the skill of combining text and pictures to create catching advertisements, logos and posters, among many others. It is also known as visual communication; hence, the key is to create a design that will catch the viewer’s attention and deliver the message precisely and effectively.

To create awe-inspiring designs, you need to combine many different skills and tools. Our
graphic design agency in Manchester knows how to do both! We can help create transformative designs that give life to brands, businesses and start-ups from all over the world. We can work on a per-project basis to create custom-tailored plans which can be set at your pace so that you may collaborate or provide feedback at any stage of the design process. 

What is Graphic Design?

We see examples of graphic design everywhere in our daily lives. In fact, it is so common that half the time, we don’t even realise it. A few examples of graphic design functions include packaging, website design, signage, branding, album covers, clothing, film titles, and graphics, etc. Graphic designs can be of two types: simple or complex.

Simple designs are used in everyday objects, such as the subway map in New York City. It makes the complex system of trains easy to navigate and helps users reach their destinations. Any flaws in the design would create a massive problem for these travellers. On the other hand, specific designs like album art are made to be abstract and complex as they serve to make a statement, allowing people to bring their own interpretation. Lucky for you, we specialise in both!

Finding a Graphic Design Agency in Manchester

Given that there are so many graphic design agencies in Manchester, what makes us the best one? We have experience creating all kinds of designs for various clients; hence, we will be able to cater to any needs or ideas you have. 

Furthermore, we combine this experience with our “customer comes first” mentality to provide the services that put your needs first and are to your satisfaction. We cater to a variety of needs, with one of our most popular being digital marketing. This helps us build meaningful relationships with our clients, which has always been our utmost priority.

Our Vision

Due to our extremely busy lives, we hardly have time to catch a breath, let alone read different posters, advertisements, or brochures as we move from one place to another. Our minds are always thinking about the next task at hand or what we need to accomplish before the day is done. 

This way of life has posed a considerable challenge to content creators and advertisers. In a world where time is of the essence, how can we create catchy and innovative designs that make people stop in their path and see what your brand is offering? Given the plethora of products and graphic design agencies in Manchester, there is a need to make efficient designs on space yet catch everyone’s attention to deliver the message. 

We design our products keeping these contemporary problems in mind. Our goal is to create impactful designs that stand out from the crowd and make you stop and think before your gaze slips away.

Our Design Process

Our aim is to design products and services for our clients so that their target audience gets the message loud and clear. Like with other projects, it is essential to establish a due process to ensure each client’s need is addressed effectively. Here, we describe our design process to let our clients know that they are in the hands of the leading graphic design agency in Manchester!

Information Gathering

Before we get to work, we need to be 100% sure about what the client needs. The optimal way to do this is to meet and discuss these aims by gathering information, asking questions, and taking notes. The more detailed our research, the better we can execute the client’s vision.

Conducting Research

By this point, we have a clear idea of what the client requires. We then look at the market trends, competitors, designs, and product evaluations to make our design unique. Although research is time-consuming, it is worth it in the long run. All good graphic design companies in Manchester must follow this step to be thorough.

Building a Strategy

After gathering our research and considering all the factors, we develop a plan along with the client. This step involves collaboration so that the client is on board with the execution of the designs. If there is anything that needs correction, that can be done promptly.

Professional man drinking coffee while doing hard code

Developing Concepts and Presentation

We are ready to follow our strategy from the previous step and go ahead with the designs. This is the most exciting step in the process in which we start with a few drafts, each having some form of variation. We then retain only a few and evaluate these developments with the client. 

This is to present them with a choice so that they may choose the design which best fits their criteria. Then, according to the client’s needs, we make some adjustments and present the final design.

A group showing how to build and to work a website

Production and Completion

Now that the final design is complete, we go ahead with the production, which can be in the form of either press, web, or media.

Our Team - Graphic Design Agency Manchester

Professional man building website

Our team consists of various professionals with a diverse area of expertise; we have UX designers, photographers, videographers, and other talented content creators. Our team’s experience and dedication are significant factors in our success and why we have returning customers so often. This also helps us achieve our goal of being the leading graphic design agency in Manchester.

Our Graphic Design Agency in Manchester

We can tailor our packages and services according to your needs and requirements, better than any other graphic design agency in Manchester! Hence, our packages come in a variety of prices. We aim to always be flexible and ensure the customer’s selected package is precisely what they need. 

We can also adjust each package as per the customer’s convenience, requirements, and demands, which are within their budget. All our packages have a particular mix of services. Still, keeping up with our flexibility policy, we can create a custom mix as per your demand.

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Graphic Design Manchester FAQs

Graphic design is an art with a purpose. It is a way of communicating visually and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools such as typography, illustration, and photography. It involves a creative and methodical plan to solve a problem or achieve specific objectives using images or words.

Graphic design is applicable in everything visual. Design can aid in selling a product or idea. We can see examples in many places such as advertising, product packaging, websites, mobile application interfaces, documents, street signs, and even social awareness messages. It’s also used in the entertainment industry in decoration, scenery, and visual storytelling.

Graphic design is copyrighted the minute it is created. Still, you will have to register your copyright in order for it to be applicable to lawful protection. To be eligible for copyright protection, the design must be the artist’s original work. The extent to which graphic design can be copyrighted depends on how creative the design is and the magnitude of graphic elements included that can’t be copyrighted, such as typography and colour variations.

Graphic design is a process that starts with collecting information about the client’s requirements and necessities. The next step is research about market trends, competitors, and products. The third step is building a plan by listing all the essential steps to get to the final goal. The fourth step is to create design concepts, and the last step is completion and final presentation.